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The font is called Django Ink, made by Sally Menke for Django Unchained.
Closest font to Django Ink is DTC Franklin Gothic M41.
A quick modification of Franklin should result in a very close match.

Police suggérée : Franklin Gothic M41

29/01/2016 à 17:12  [réponse]  Qual o nome desse font?

Police suggérée : Trebuchet  (Déjà suggérée ici)

08/01/2016 à 21:09  [réponse]  Heron will love this!


28/12/2015 à 18:26  [post initial]  Subtitles Font?

27/12/2015 à 18:05  [post initial]  CNN Font plz?

23/12/2015 à 16:03  [post initial]  Font name?

22/12/2015 à 22:12  [post initial]  MSaWiH Prop book font?

21/12/2015 à 21:14  [réponse]  Retro font name?

Nice don. There shure is a similar font to this.

19/12/2015 à 14:09  [post initial]  All fonts needed plz!

All fonts needed please!

28/11/2015 à 13:46  [réponse]  MSaWiH Doctor's car font?

This i very similar just modify it and you have almost an exact mach!

Police suggérée : Gothic No.13

22/11/2015 à 23:22  [post initial]  Font name?

This font looks like it's handwriting. But some letters are repeating so it has to be a font.

21/11/2015 à 21:13  [réponse]  BADEL Font name?


21/11/2015 à 01:01  [post initial]  Herbalife font name?

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21/11/2015 à 00:37  [post initial]  Font Name? For White House

Édité le 21/11/2015 à 00:37 par wutmejt

20/11/2015 à 13:32  [post initial]  Zerica Ribica's handwriting font?

Any similar font for Baki's handwriting?

17/11/2015 à 21:20  [post initial]  Any idea?

16/11/2015 à 21:10  [post initial]  Pepsi twist font?

13/11/2015 à 20:41  [post initial]  Pelinkovac font name!

12/11/2015 à 19:27  [réponse]  Old doctors car font name!

Sorry for the bad spelling to lazy to write!

12/11/2015 à 19:26  [réponse]  Old doctors car font name!

I already said in one of my videos that i dont know the font name. That sticker we made two weeks ago for filming. We used Futura. This one was made in 2011, so i dont know and the
original desinged of the sticker was replaced one year ago. Hope thease guys on dafont help you!

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