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19/01/2022 à 11:11  [réponse]  Font name

Police identifiée : Haenel Fraktur

19/01/2022 à 11:05  [réponse]  What font is this

Police identifiée : Collegiate FLF

25/09/2021 à 15:58  [réponse]  Socialism font

This graphic is based on a hand lettered poster by Alexander Rodchenko in 1924, showing Lilya Brik saying in Russian Books (Please) in all branches of knowledge.
Rodchenko is a modern interpretation.

Police suggérée : Rodchenko

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18/09/2021 à 12:21  [réponse]  Font pls :)

Police suggérée : Kabel Ultra

16/09/2021 à 21:06  [réponse]  TATTOO FONT?

User compressed width [note reverse contrast of horizontal and vertical strokes] and changed jagged horizontal division from jagged to smooth

Police suggérée : Tattoo Ink

12/09/2021 à 11:42  [réponse]  Billy Strings font

Probably artwork.
Could perhaps have been made by modifying Pure Psychedelia by reducing the weight, convert the blobby ends into talons, and applying a grunge effect.

Police suggérée : Pure Psychedelia

12/09/2021 à 02:25  [réponse]  Font name?

Police identifiée : Showcard Gothic

04/09/2021 à 15:57  [réponse]  3D Slab Serif

Morning Jackie. Hope Marty enjoys his coffee and reconsiders.

04/09/2021 à 11:23  [réponse]  3D Slab Serif

I cut away the distracting shadow and got this:

If the tail on _Q_ is edited, it seems to look like Twentytwelve Slab bold.

25/08/2021 à 11:14  [réponse]  Font Similar to Archive Garfield

The original Garfield used in the late 19th century.

24/08/2021 à 01:56  [réponse]  Font Similar to Archive Garfield

BTW the HWT Aetna is far better quality than the Archive Garfield.

24/08/2021 à 01:55  [réponse]  Font Similar to Archive Garfield

No free font is close to the lower case but Dick Pape has a free Upper Case that is in the ballpark.

23/08/2021 à 23:26  [réponse]  Font Similar to Archive Garfield

This is a poor quality digital version of Garfield, a late 19th century font as seen in use for an invoice in 1893:

The font is presumably named for US President Garfield, in office for several months in 1881.
I have not seen any clean digital versions.
If we ignore the horizontal lines used as a shading fill and the shadow effect we are left with robust Roman letters which were drawn as a variation of a popular typeface called Aetna, designed by William Page in 1870ca. Many type makers of the late 19th century had their own or similar versions:

James Conner's & Sons: Aetna (1888).
Hamilton: Aetna (or No. 62).
Morgans & Wilcox: Aetna, Doric.
National Printers & Materials: Painter's Roman.
William H. Page: Roman Aetna (1870).
Charles Tubbs: Aetna (or No. 2101).
Hebert Wells: Painter's Roman.

You might want to take a look at one of the digitized variations, HWT Aetna, which is similar but not identical to the Garfield base letters.

21/08/2021 à 09:39  [réponse]  Text Font Request

Lower case letters _a_, _p_, _o_, and _c_ match Beckett.
_P_ is modified lower case _p_ with custom flourish similar to capital _P_.
_H_ is _l_ mirrored for lhs, _l_ flipped for rhs, plus mirror of flourish used on initial _P_.

Police identifiée : Beckett

19/08/2021 à 08:57  [réponse]  what font is?

Top and bottom spurs pulled out by user.

Police identifiée : Ironwood

17/08/2021 à 11:36  [réponse]  The 'Stela Cole' Font?

Police identifiée : Caslon Graphique

17/08/2021 à 10:46  [réponse]  What font is this

Police suggérée : Hiruko Black

15/08/2021 à 21:48  [réponse]  From a youtube video

Police identifiée : Helvetica

15/08/2021 à 00:04  [réponse]  Font Identification

This seems to be from the 1986 movie poster:
Before the digital era.
Univers, designed in 1957. Regular and/or bold, condensed.

Police identifiée : Univers

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14/08/2021 à 08:08  [réponse]  I look for this urgent font

ruukasu_fox a dit  
really? is this the source, this photo? does not appear

Mason Alternate, included in Mason, pic by Identifont.

Édité le 14/08/2021 à 08:09 par donshottype

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