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23/08/2018 à 16:34  [post initial]  Please help!

Anyone know this font?

20/01/2016 à 00:02  [réponse]  Please help!

Thanks! Now I feel stupid, because I totally knew that font. I'm off of my Adderall for a few weeks ( ) and it's definitely not a font that I use often. Haha! Anyway, you're a lifesaver tonight.

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19/01/2016 à 22:06  [post initial]  Please help!

This font looks like a squished Cooper Black, but doesn't fit just right...even when I [*cringe*] stretch the font. The ".com" part fits perfectly, but the YBM font is something different. Please help!


...Nevermind, just found it! Walbaum!

Police identifiée : Walbaum

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25/09/2015 à 20:24  [réponse]  Anyone know this font?

Bump. This project is over (with a new font), but I still really like this one. Help!

Agreed! I think this is Amazone with a Balmoral G.

Police suggérée : Bebas Neue

07/08/2015 à 23:08  [post initial]  Anyone know this font?

I really love the CDBaby font. Anyone know what it is? Thanks!

24/07/2015 à 21:27  [réponse]  What's this font?

Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!

24/07/2015 à 20:57  [post initial]  What's this font?

Please help me figure out what this script font is. Thanks!

Thank you!

31/03/2015 à 00:34  [réponse]  Anyone know this font?

Took long enough, but I ended up finding it on my own.

Police identifiée : Elroy

Anyone know what this font is?

23/03/2015 à 20:56  [réponse]  Help me find this font!

Neometric Medium is similar if you can use something close. The "e" is different.

Police suggérée : Neometric

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23/03/2015 à 20:37  [post initial]  Anyone know this font?

I need the "CoolSweats" font, not the information under it.

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