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05/05/2014 à 18:57  [post initial]  Any ideas?

Looking for this font or something similar. Sorry for the small image size

23/04/2014 à 00:43  [post initial]  Anyone?

23/04/2014 à 00:36  [post initial]  Any ideas?

I'm looking for a font like this, It's probably edited in someway, but if you know anything similar it'd be appreciated!

11/04/2014 à 02:33  [post initial]  I'd love to know this font!

If you know what this is, or anything similar, that'd be great

11/04/2014 à 02:29  [réponse]  Can anyone identify this?

Any ideas?

23/02/2014 à 22:45  [post initial]  Can anyone identify this?

I'm not sure if this work is a font, or custom lettering... Does anyone know something similar?

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