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19/02/2014 à 12:31  [réponse]  Help?! What is this font?

Found the font!!

Police suggérée : VAG Rounded

19/02/2014 à 12:27  [réponse]  Help?! What is this font?

i dont think it is.. D:

18/02/2014 à 11:55  [réponse]  Name of this font?

You read/watch Fairy Tail? *high five*

It might not be a font, it could've just been hand drawn.

18/02/2014 à 11:52  [réponse]  What is this font?

It's hard to find but it's pretty close, I guess.

Police suggérée : Pluto Condensed Thin

18/02/2014 à 11:47  [réponse]  DO YOU KNOW THIS FONT ???

I've definitely seen these kind of posts before and have wondered about the type of font but as someone already suggested, it is most probably not a font. It's usually handwritten on a tablet.

18/02/2014 à 11:46  [réponse]  whats font is this?

Police suggérée : Arial

15/02/2014 à 08:30  [post initial]  Help?! What is this font?

I've been looking for this everywhere!! Please help!

It says: "Share with Friends"

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