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30/06/2014 à 23:30  [réponse]  Fonts on this text

Police identifiée : Avant Garde Gothic Bold

21/05/2014 à 01:54  [réponse]  help STEM font

Hey men! Look what did I found, Don't get to Myfonts when you can get THERE!

Police suggérée : Hiruko Black Alternate  (Déjà suggérée ici)

The Slogan font is Crank 8. or if you want to, Draw your own text handmade by another font. In Syfy's case, It's a modified Crank 8, but REALLY modified, if you want to, compare the "Syfy" text written in Crank 8 with the photo you uploaded. I suggest you the Syfy Sans. but if you want it, get A LOT OF MONEY and buy it's rights actually owned by Syfy. but in then you can't share it to ANYONE IN THE WORLD. The only similitude on the logo/Crank 8 comparing is (probably) the Y. i suggest you to buy it's rights if you want it.

Police suggérée : Syfy Sans

03/02/2014 à 02:25  [réponse]  Help Please

Meth a dit  
idkradical. a dit  
tilting of each letter is edited as you can see.

Big Noodle Titling

thx man

can you give me the model?

03/02/2014 à 02:22  [réponse]  Foreplay font name?

Xirod closest by the Y and the E is flipped horizontally by handmade

Police suggérée : Xirod

03/02/2014 à 02:19  [réponse]  What's this font called

Salina obviously

Police suggérée : Salina

03/02/2014 à 02:18  [réponse]  Font?

Brandish. I easily know by the H! Packed with Xara3D 6

Police identifiée : Brandish

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03/02/2014 à 02:13  [réponse]  "Epic" Pixar Movie font

the closest font is Gill Sans Extra Bold. I say CLOSEST for the I letter. the P slices are handmade.

Police suggérée : Gill Sans Ultra Bold

03/02/2014 à 02:07  [post initial]  Glitz* font?


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