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03/03/2020 à 03:09  [réponse]  "The Crow" Movie Poster Font?

Its been over a year since I posted this request. Can anyone help me identify this font? I'd appreciate it; thanks.

03/03/2020 à 03:06  [réponse]  Harry Potter (later logos)

Its been over a year since I last bumped this up; can anyone help me identify this? Thanks...

02/04/2019 à 08:57  [post initial]  Eddie and the Cruisers (1983)

Any idea what font was used, for the opening title of this movie? Thanks in advance!

It appears to be the same font used for the opening titles, and the closest match I've found is ITC Avant Garde STD Book.

Police identifiée : Avant Garde Book

05/03/2019 à 23:09  [post initial]  Smallville DVD Summaries?

Almost the entire back of every retail Smallville DVD cover is done with some form of Agency, but not the summaries. I haven't been able to match it, so if anyone could help I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

04/03/2019 à 06:00  [post initial]  Smallville Numbers

Does anyone know which typeface (if any) was used, for the numbers on the spines of the "Smallville" DVD box sets? Thanks in advance!

02/03/2019 à 01:21  [réponse]  Dead Zone font

The font is called EF Cortez Regular.

Police identifiée : Cortez

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24/02/2019 à 01:23  [réponse]  BATMAN 1989

The credits look very similar to a font called Bee, but otherwise I'm not sure.

Police suggérée : Bee

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19/02/2019 à 18:51  [post initial]  Atlantic Records Soundtrack Font?

I don't know if these are two separate fonts, or the same one...but in either case, I'd appreciate some help identifying it. Thanks!

18/02/2019 à 18:17  [réponse]  Spider-Man 2002 Title Screen?

Still looking for this one, if anybody has it. Thanks in advance.

07/02/2019 à 06:52  [post initial]  The Punisher (2004)

Does anyone know what typeface was used, for this film's logo? I'd appreciate the help; thanks in advance.

06/02/2019 à 18:40  [réponse]  Avengers Endgame Logo Fonts?

The main logos all seem to be custom jobs, done by Marvel. That said, there's several fonts which get pretty close. I came across a recent one maybe a week ago, created last year. Its called Avengero, available at a website called FontStruct. The creator of that typeface also did a variety called Avengero Disassembled, where the letters look like they're dissolving.

Police suggérée : Avengero

02/02/2019 à 05:33  [post initial]  Perfect Strangers?

Does anyone know if either of this logo's halves were sourced from a font, and if so, which ones? Thanks in advance for your help.

31/01/2019 à 00:17  [réponse]  cd millenium backstreetboys

They manually fixed the Es, Ns, and U to be whole for the cover. Zero Day has them split up like the Ms.

31/01/2019 à 00:14  [réponse]  Backstreet Boys

Black Tulip is very similar, but the Bs have been made whole in that image. The font has them separated.

If it is Luther, the Y has also been modified, along with the J and ampersand.

22/01/2019 à 10:40  [post initial]  "Edward Scissorhands" Poster Font?

I grabbed these letters off a texted poster for the movie, but as you can see its not a complete sample. I'm sorry for that, but its the best I can do. So if anybody knows what typeface this is, I'd appreciate the help. Thanks! =)

21/01/2019 à 17:29  [réponse]  "The Crow" - Ending Credits

Someone at the Typography Guru website found a 95% match to this for me. Its called Chrysler Compressed, and the only major difference is some side bars on many of the consonants.

Police suggérée : Chrysler Compressed Modified

20/01/2019 à 03:34  [réponse]  Karate Kid (1984)

I haven't bumped this up in quite some time; does anyone know of a match for this logo?

19/01/2019 à 06:10  [réponse]  movie poster font

Its not Bee Three, because that font has sharper slants on the capital S's. Also, there isn't one all-inclusive font for every movie poster. There's a few different ones that seem to be used by various studios, though (Univers for Universal Pictures being one example).

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