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Police identifiée : Aller Bold

07/08/2015 à 08:59   Naldo Benny???

The upper one is Helvetica Bold, and I suppose the lighter one is Helvetica Roman

Police identifiée : Helvetica Neue

That font doesn't exist , and it has never existed brother, so you have never seen this. Now carry on and don't forget to praise the Big Brother.

Police identifiée : Futura

I found it!!! If somebody wanted to know what font it is, it is Bombardier

Police identifiée : Bombardier

it's eras light

Police identifiée : ITC Eras Light

It is Segoe UI. If you have a Windows computer, it might be already installed, anyway I've posted the linkof the Segoe UI font pack.

Police identifiée : Segoe UI

05/04/2013 à 20:38   What is this font?

If you've got a windows computer, you may have it already installed

Police identifiée : Calibri

24/03/2013 à 11:43   Unkown fonts?

Police identifiée : Bauhaus 93

24/03/2013 à 11:42   Unkown fonts?

Police identifiée : Broadway

15/03/2013 à 15:32   help

Police identifiée : Cooper Black

It's an edited version of Avant Garde BK

Police identifiée : Avant Garde

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