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19/03/2014 à 23:44   font?

Note: The lowercase is higher than the uppercase. I designed this assuming that people would realize this-- alternating uppercase and lowercase makes the letters bounce.

Police identifiée : KG Let Her Go

Looks like my font, KG Love You Through It.

Police identifiée : KG Love You Through It

Police identifiée : The Only Exception

The second is Just Me Again Down Here

Police identifiée : Just Me Again Down Here

there are 2 fonts here- one is Love Ya Like a Sister.

Police identifiée : Love Ya Like A Sister

The second font on there is Annie Use Your Telescope.

Police identifiée : Annie Use Your Telescope

I believe the font for "and I'll tell you mine" is my La Belle Aurore...

Police identifiée : La Belle Aurore

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