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01/03/2014 à 04:02  [réponse]  Font from this bands website

That Franklin Gothic EXTRA *cheesy 90's xtreme voice* CONDEEENNNSSSED... Looks like a near perfect match. [:


28/02/2014 à 23:10  [post initial]  Font from this bands website

This is probably one of my favorite bands, and I've only recently found them. And I was just trying to make an Avatar/Profile Image w/e like Picture.
The website itself can be found here:

Sorry for the really large image! But thank you for whoever knows it. (:

10/08/2013 à 01:38  [réponse]  From this?

I wasn't meaning Nazism as a religion. I just didn't want anyone of any race, ethnic, personality, lifestyle, etc., to take any offense. I just liked the font.

+Thank you for helping me find the font. [:

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10/08/2013 à 00:15  [réponse]  integrity band

This looks like a nice font. I hope someone finds it! [:

09/08/2013 à 23:00  [post initial]  From this?

Now please, I'm not out to attack anyones religion... I just saw this font and wondered if anyone could help me find it.

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07/12/2012 à 02:24  [post initial]  'The Saboteur' cover font

I'm looking to find the font in this image.
If anyone found or has, send me a link.


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