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03/08/2015 à 19:18  [post initial]  Please help with font

What font is this please?!

26/01/2015 à 15:49  [post initial]  help

13/02/2014 à 21:07  [post initial]  please identify

12/06/2013 à 19:19  [post initial]  font?

12/06/2013 à 16:36  [réponse]  font?


12/06/2013 à 16:24  [post initial]  font?

12/06/2013 à 16:23  [post initial]  font please

07/02/2013 à 17:55  [réponse]  font?

drf_ a dit  
Well, you obviously didn't get the "one font request by topic" in the first place, so... Now you must create duplicate requests to get your answer, rules are here for a reason

no, actually i did see that, but several ppl have submitted more than 1 font on a request. I just went through and split them just seems way more cluttered now. sorry....

07/02/2013 à 17:54  [post initial]  font please

07/02/2013 à 17:53  [post initial]  font please

07/02/2013 à 17:52  [post initial]  font please

07/02/2013 à 17:50  [post initial]  font please

07/02/2013 à 17:49  [post initial]  font please

07/02/2013 à 17:25  [réponse]  font?

clearly they are not all defined in here, that is why i broke them up! thanks for the sarcasm tho....

07/02/2013 à 17:24  [réponse]  font?

rocamaco a dit  
Manually extended...

Bernard MT Condensed

manually extended? like they stretched it out? the "&" definitely is not though.....

07/02/2013 à 17:19  [post initial]  font?

07/02/2013 à 17:18  [post initial]  font?

07/02/2013 à 17:17  [post initial]  font?

07/02/2013 à 17:14  [post initial]  font?

07/02/2013 à 14:31  [post initial]  font?!

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