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27/08/2012 à 01:05  [réponse]  SERIOUSLY WHAT FONT IS THIS

just email me if you want it.

13/08/2012 à 18:35  [réponse]  SERIOUSLY WHAT FONT IS THIS

hi guys its grace i am willing to give my font away for harry styles, twitter followers, harry styles and this shirt omFG ITS SO CUTE

13/08/2012 à 17:56  [réponse]  SERIOUSLY WHAT FONT IS THIS


13/08/2012 à 04:56  [réponse]  SERIOUSLY WHAT FONT IS THIS

SashiX a dit  
Yeah, we don't want to piss her business off Anyway, you can always sell it as commercial font

wait how do you sell it as a commercial font?

13/08/2012 à 01:45  [réponse]  SERIOUSLY WHAT FONT IS THIS

SashiX a dit  
Hi there, Grace
Looks like there are many people that likes your font You can upload it to DaFont "as is" and update it when it's complete. Name it "little snorlax demo", leave a note or whatever

I'm willing to give it out in exchange your something! I worked really hard on it and if I let everyone have it then my friend Kaya, who I gave my banner business to, will go out of business cause everyone has the font.

13/08/2012 à 01:12  [réponse]  SERIOUSLY WHAT FONT IS THIS

Hi I'm Grace and I made that font. I drew out the alphabet using a felt tip marker, I left some things out though. Like all the letters are there but some don't have an upper/lower case letter. It's not perfect. I need to add some stuff. I used FontCreator.
I give it out to close friends on tumblr.
If you would like it, just email me and I'm sure we can figure something out! (:
My tumblr:

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