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12/02/2011 à 12:59  [réponse]  Font

Police identifiée : Helvetica Black

10/02/2011 à 19:06  [réponse]  jessica

2 s
2 e
2 o

28/01/2011 à 21:57  [réponse]  Unknown script font !

Police identifiée : New Berolina

26/01/2011 à 11:31  [réponse]  Bandwagon jumping

Police suggérée : Milwaukee neon

25/01/2011 à 10:55  [réponse]  Hallmark font?

Hallmark is a logo,
there are tons of topics about it.
The logo is here

Police suggérée : UK TV

23/01/2011 à 21:41  [réponse]  pretty fonts<3


stars are added, not in the font

Persons Signature is... his signature!!

Police suggérée : Raiders

23/01/2011 à 21:37  [réponse]  pretty fonts<3


Police suggérée : Font

23/01/2011 à 11:39  [réponse]  any ideas?

22/01/2011 à 20:46  [réponse]  any ideas?

Not a font but a Typography, used in the 20's to 40's
on the back of Post cards.
Never followed by a digitalized font.

19/01/2011 à 15:09  [réponse]  WHAT ARE THESE FONTS?

No, they just enlarged it at 220% !
Except for the 'o' which amazingly doens't come from Janet and really i wonder why they took another fot just for that letter!

17/01/2011 à 11:51  [réponse]  HELP PLEASE!!

Close for industrial

Police suggérée : Miso

17/01/2011 à 11:39  [réponse]  fonts

Police identifiée : ITC Kabel Ultra

17/01/2011 à 11:38  [réponse]  This font Jose Cuervo?

Unsolved on other type forums so far.
Seems like it's a sêcial creation.

Close to Cloister Black and
Old london

Police suggérée : Cloister Black

16/01/2011 à 15:03  [réponse]  Help with finding this font


Police suggérée : Planret Opti

16/01/2011 à 15:02  [réponse]  Help with finding this font

or Pepsi,
they have nicer numbers

Police suggérée : Pepsi

16/01/2011 à 14:58  [réponse]  Help with finding this font

Try with

Police identifiée : Alexis

15/01/2011 à 22:36  [réponse]  What the font ???

Hallmark font

Police identifiée : Cluff HMK


Police suggérée : Superstar

Police suggérée : Princetown

15/01/2011 à 15:54  [réponse]  What's this??

Police identifiée : Handel Gothic Medium

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