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10/11/2014 à 13:41  [réponse]  FONT NAME PLEASE "CHICAGO" !!

both c are different

06/11/2014 à 14:26  [réponse]  Motocross font

05/11/2014 à 17:23  [réponse]  Game of Thrones TItle Card

Try online
it's ugly, but you can exercise

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05/11/2014 à 17:21  [réponse]  I in need of some assistance.

Yes Kat, that's what I said.
reivivus' request was for Chrome or IE.
here is the way with chrome (but only with Win7 and + )

There's a saying in french for that :
Pourquoi faire simple quand on peut faire compliqué ?
Why make it simple when you can make it complicated?

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05/11/2014 à 17:12  [réponse]  Idea for DaFont: Font Paragraph View

05/11/2014 à 15:21  [réponse]  Idea for DaFont: Font Paragraph View

This field is limited to 80 characters and spaces. That's why.
In the "More options" field, we could have a ticked option that would show, let's say, about 650 characaters of Lorem Ipsum text written in 12px? hich would give a good idea of the rendering of different fonts in 12px.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi lacus metus, pulvinar nec vehicula ac, sagittis eget dui. Pellentesque tincidunt blandit odio, vitae semper lacus euismod quis. Maecenas sit amet quam ut metus interdum pellentesque. Mauris id lacus quam. Integer nibh sem, tempor quis dignissim nec, eleifend eu nisi. Morbi at portit est enim. Morbi sit amet metus eget nisl convallis luctus. Nulla venenatis sodales nulla vel porttitor. Curabitur eget dictum nisl. Etiam semper hendrerit dignissim. Donec ut massa quis libero congue fermentum nec at neque. Pellentesque quam sem, malesuada faucibus porta vitae, mollis ac metus alminus

Is that an idea?

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05/11/2014 à 13:45  [réponse]  I in need of some assistance.

Read this

it's not done in chrome or IE.

05/11/2014 à 10:55  [réponse]  Game of Thrones TItle Card

Yes there is a way.
Use any graphic software such as Photoshop, After Effects, The Gimp, Flash...
But you first have to type the font in black and white in the software, then apply effects.

19/01/2013 à 10:28  [réponse]  HI guys

Famous Base 02 again !

Police identifiée : Base 02

09/01/2013 à 12:00  [réponse]  Duo Délice

Ahah, thanks roca !
Yes, I know, it's for them that I'm looking for this font. They vectorized the document and can't remember their own work...

08/01/2013 à 21:10  [réponse]  Duo Délice

Anyone ? really ?


07/01/2013 à 15:58  [post initial]  Duo Délice

Hello les amis,
perdu cette police, j'ai pas mes références avec moi aujourd'hui,
(Il est possible qu'elle ait été un peu redessinée pour le packaging)

merci bien

23/04/2012 à 14:48  [réponse]  How to buy fonts??

1. You're willing to buy the font.
2. You reached him, you are covered.
3. he doesn't answer.
4. You use the font as you wish.
5. If he wakes up, then you'll pay.
6. If not, return to Menhir post : too bad for him !

23/04/2012 à 14:43  [réponse]  G

25/11/2011 à 15:12  [réponse]  OVOXO V.2

25/11/2011 à 14:46  [réponse]  Help with this font please

Police suggérée : BPreplay

26/10/2011 à 22:32  [réponse]  Font

Copied on the Fender guitar logo

Not a font. Hand made.

26/10/2011 à 22:27  [réponse]  Who know's the typo

Excelerate étroitisée, ce qui la redresse un peu...

Police identifiée : Excelerate

03/09/2011 à 21:03  [réponse]  Need for tattoo

Shane himself answered our board!!

keep up the good work man!

12/02/2011 à 19:39  [réponse]  Please help

Now entering the contest of the smallest and less readable example!

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