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27/12/2010 à 16:18  [réponse]  Font?

2 AM is Baskerville Old Face

Police identifiée : Baskerville Old Face

27/12/2010 à 16:14  [réponse]  Font?

Saint o'clock is Nuptial

Police identifiée : Nuptial

26/12/2010 à 22:43  [réponse]  What font is this?

Police suggérée : College

26/12/2010 à 22:42  [réponse]  What font is this?

Police suggérée : Porn Star Academy

26/12/2010 à 21:37  [réponse]  What The Smurfs font?

26/12/2010 à 14:24  [réponse]  I Need This font !!!

Impact, in your computer
stamped randomly by a Photoshop Brush

Police identifiée : Impact

26/12/2010 à 14:14  [réponse]  ;

Arial normal, sightly enlarged

Police identifiée : Arial

26/12/2010 à 12:44  [réponse]  find this font for me...

Well good for you !

but maybe you could share your discovery, it might help others ?

Unless you don't want people to know it's Zapfino extra one

Police identifiée : Zapfino extra one

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26/12/2010 à 12:40  [réponse]  Font Name?

Police identifiée : Yikes

26/12/2010 à 11:30  [réponse]  I need this font... u.u

25/12/2010 à 23:06  [réponse]  font from tattoo..

All hand made, no identical letter
check 'a', 'u' and 't'

25/12/2010 à 22:54  [réponse]  what font?

La Roro.otf !!!

(no it's not, i'm only kidding!)

21/12/2010 à 21:58  [réponse]  Hermes Frères

I see 4 'e', 2 'r' and 2 's' different...

Depends of the version of Windows, it usually is called
System, Fixedsys,
found in the Fonts directory under
vgasys.fon, fixedsys.fon, 85f1257.fon, 85s1257.fon

18/12/2010 à 13:35  [réponse]  The Smurfs font?

Never been found, even in the german version which seems to use the same letters SUME

However, you can find some similar here

18/12/2010 à 13:13  [réponse]  What is font ?

Aucune lettre identique. C'est tout du manuel !

13/12/2010 à 21:50  [réponse]  Joell Ortiz font???

You're right for the 'oell' and 'rti' part with fette Fraktur

the z is different too
like this Gotisch SB-Bold

J and O based on Olde English, fatter
or Mariage

Police suggérée : Olde English

11/12/2010 à 19:52  [réponse]  Lethal Weapon #2

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