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05/08/2017 à 13:38  [réponse]  NEED THIS ASAP FOR A CLIENT


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05/08/2017 à 09:08  [post initial]  NEED THIS ASAP FOR A CLIENT

I need to have this font or the closest thing by 8am pst tomorrow morning >.<
Please help the first image was deleted, i shrunk and made it png please HELP!

I love you! C:

26/03/2013 à 00:19  [post initial]  Hey love you guys! Need this font! c:

I need it for an intro. Quick replys are great!

07/12/2012 à 10:23  [réponse]  What font? Please help!!

Epoxy History is the font.

Police identifiée : Epoxy History

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07/12/2012 à 09:52  [post initial]  What font? Please help!!

I can't save the image. But It's the SuuKool Logo. What font is this?
Bigger Pic:

Thank you to all the hard work you guys do! <3 I need you to tell me this font please!

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