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09/02/2014 à 00:47  [post initial]  Help!!! FONT!!!???!!!

Hi! Can you guys please help me find the font used for this? thank you!!!

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23/01/2014 à 08:12  [réponse]  What is the name of this font?

It's Canterbury Regular

Police suggérée : Canterbury

22/01/2014 à 01:34  [réponse]  Two fonts!

BUMP- what is the font for the big K?

21/01/2014 à 05:34  [post initial]  What is that font!

What is the font in this cover photo? I think the number and letters are the same font, please help! Thank you!

12/01/2014 à 01:32  [post initial]  What font!?

Please help me find the font in the EDIT, "Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect". Thank you so much!

11/01/2014 à 02:31  [post initial]  Two fonts!

Please help me find the font used for the big "K" and the other fonts below!

What font is this? Thanks!

01/09/2013 à 06:55  [post initial]  Font in edit

What font is this?

05/06/2013 à 02:41  [post initial]  WHAT FONT

what font is the "paper & grainy"

09/02/2013 à 07:53  [réponse]  name of both fonts

Both are Blanch,they're just in a different weights...

Police identifiée : Blanch

07/10/2012 à 05:06  [réponse]  HELP PLEASE.

its Caviar Dreams. it is. lol, i love that font :

Police suggérée : Caviar Dreams

03/08/2012 à 19:03  [réponse]  Primitive Design

a close font would be xtreem but its really not that close at all but it still kinda looks like it

Police suggérée : Xtreem

02/08/2012 à 05:12  [réponse]  Dunkin' Donuts

woooww.... i pretty sure its frankfurter or dunkin sans (which is based off dunkin donuts font):

Police suggérée : Dunkin' Sans

31/07/2012 à 00:30  [réponse]  bloomingdales

it's close

Police suggérée : Abeat

30/07/2012 à 22:34  [réponse]  What font is this?

another close on but the "e" isn't the same

Police suggérée : Abeat

30/07/2012 à 22:32  [réponse]  What font is this?

colse one, but the "t" isnt the same

Police suggérée : SF New Republic

30/07/2012 à 05:14  [réponse]  BURDA FONT


30/07/2012 à 05:05  [réponse]  BURDA FONT

and another one that looks exactly like it

Police suggérée : Abeat

29/07/2012 à 22:28  [réponse]  BURDA FONT

and here's and extremely close one, which actually might be the one.

Police suggérée : Opificio

29/07/2012 à 22:27  [réponse]  BURDA FONT

ok here's a close one: SF New Republic

Police suggérée : SF New Republic

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