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11/07/2012 à 23:57  [post initial]  Help with font

16/04/2012 à 23:19  [post initial]  The Stache Bash

Looks like Bodoni but the T's have an upward serif at the top.

15/03/2012 à 23:32  [réponse]  help with this one please

nevermind. I found it.

Police identifiée : Adobe Caslon Pro Semibold

15/03/2012 à 23:18  [post initial]  help with this one please

26: Two Turtle Doves

Police identifiée : Two Turtle Doves

Édité le 07/03/2012 à 09:30 par drf_

06/03/2012 à 22:45  [réponse]  Font name please!

Here you go!

Police identifiée : Wolf's Bane

06/03/2012 à 21:43  [réponse]  What is this font?

The bottom is Brush Script. The top could be a condensed bold helvetica maybe?

Police identifiée : Brush Script

06/03/2012 à 21:42  [post initial]  Help Please

Can someone identify this font please?

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