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08/02/2013 à 22:59  [réponse]  Many thanks in advance.

Any ideas?
The font is pretty basic but I am paying particular attention to the squareness of the "C" and "D" and the leg on the "R"

07/02/2013 à 21:11  [post initial]  Many thanks in advance.

Thank you.
Any idea for the smaller text?

Thanks in advance for your help

12/12/2012 à 22:38  [post initial]  Any ideas for Body Logic?

Thanks in advance.

23/10/2012 à 20:07  [post initial]  Thing 1 font

Thanks in advance for your help

12/10/2012 à 20:50  [post initial]  Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help

I thought it might not be a font.
This was a rubbing of cut vinyl off a motorcycle.

03/10/2012 à 23:16  [post initial]  Help please. Is this even a font?

31/07/2012 à 20:31  [réponse]  Font please

Thanks a bunch.

31/07/2012 à 17:55  [post initial]  Font please

Ghost Owl and Moonshine

08/06/2012 à 21:29  [réponse]  Anyone know this font?

Right on. I missed that. Thanks a bunch

08/06/2012 à 20:58  [réponse]  Anyone know this font?

Close but the 4 and U are distinct

08/06/2012 à 19:38  [post initial]  Anyone know this font?

Thanks in advance

05/06/2012 à 00:03  [post initial]  Ideas?

Thank you much

16/05/2012 à 20:40  [réponse]  Help please

Thanks a bunch.

16/05/2012 à 19:11  [post initial]  Help please

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