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16/01/2013 à 16:30  [réponse]  XXII Daemon Font

Shieeet, thats hardcore := Good font, tho.

16/01/2013 à 16:22  [réponse]  A free alternative, please :)


15/01/2013 à 20:47  [post initial]  A free alternative, please :)

Okay, so I came across this really nice font I need for a project, and it costs money. I wonder if anyone of you know a free alternative to this font. I need a sans serif w/oblique, with both lowercase and uppercase. Here is the original font:

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05/01/2012 à 18:24  [réponse]  100people. Need help


05/01/2012 à 18:14  [post initial]  100people. Need help

Which font is this? I've been looking around for a while, but I don't know exactly where to look.

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