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06/12/2011 à 20:08  [réponse]  free for commercial use?

ok, I've searched for a way to contact him but the only thing I found was his e-mail ""... The only problem was that when I sent him a message, it got rejected and I got a message saying it wasn't delivered and so on... So I think I'll use it... Thank you for the replies, oppinions and help ^^

06/12/2011 à 13:56  [réponse]  free for commercial use?

And what happens, if we CAN'T reach the author? No "read me" attached, no "license"?

05/12/2011 à 18:09  [réponse]  free for commercial use?

Hi, can I use this font for commercial purposes? ,say 600+ k views? with a donation ofc

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