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I found that, Andalus is extremely identical to it, And it's pre-installed on computers.

Police suggérée : Andalus

23/11/2011 à 22:09  [réponse]  HELP ! !

I believe the font is 'ITC Bolt'. The font in the image above was customized. They most likely put some kind of texture over it.

Police suggérée : ITC Bolt

23/11/2011 à 22:05  [réponse]  PLEASE HELP! (The weeknd)

I don't think those are fonts, I think one is handwritten, and the other is custom made. If you look under the 'Handwritten' section on dafont, I'm sure you'll find something your happy with.

Sorry, :(

23/11/2011 à 22:03  [réponse]  Whats this Font?

The Font your looking for is 'Akzidenz Grotesk Pro Cond Bold', The "And" is the same font only it's not in bold.

Police suggérée : Akzidenz Grotesk Pro Cond Bold

23/11/2011 à 22:00  [réponse]  Clarion - Brand Name

I couldn't find the exact font, But I found one similar to it, 'Plymouth Serial Medium'.

I used a font finder to help me, And it didn't pick up anything. My best guess is that it was custom made.

Police suggérée : Plymouth Serial Medium

23/11/2011 à 21:55  [réponse]  "Ashley Tisdale" font?

The font your looking for is Nimbus Sans.

Police suggérée : Nimbus Sans

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23/11/2011 à 21:53  [réponse]  RVCA Anybody?

I believe the font your looking for is, 'Zekton Extended Bold'.

Police suggérée : Zekton Extended Bold

I tried putting it through a font finder, But it was too small and with the borders it didn't find anything, However; I'm pretty sure it's a font that comes with computers. I went through my fonts and found "Andalus", It's pretty similar, But the font being so small, I can't really tell.

If you're computer doesn't already have "Andalus", I don't think it would hurt anyone to download it.

Just put some lines over it, And add and outer glow effect, and your good to go!

Police suggérée : Andalus

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22/11/2011 à 23:16  [réponse]  JASMINE V Font? :)

I've also been looking for this font, Forever!

I finally found a site that gave me some identicle fonts;

~ Negotiate -

~ Norpeth Extra Bold

~ Antique Olive Roman

~ Velino Sans Book

~ RTF Dokument Cond Demi

You should know, To get the font to look like Jasmines did, You have to put a few effect on it. I just downloaded Negotiate about 10 mins ago so I haven't tried out any effects, But if you have photoshop, Try useing outer glow, Inner glow, and possible bevel.

Goodluck, Hope you got what you're looking for.

P.S; I know you weren't looking for the 'All These Boys' font, But just in case the exact font is "Desyrel Regular", And just for the heck of it, The font on JV's "S(he) Be(lie)ve(d" mixtape is 'Hand of Sean'!

Police suggérée : Negotiate

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