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11/04/2012 à 02:14  [réponse]  Lost Planet 3 font

as SashiX suggested it is Eurostile Extended Bold with some fixing

Police suggérée : Eurostile Extended Bold

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11/04/2012 à 02:10  [réponse]  It's a cartoon logo


09/04/2012 à 19:33  [réponse]  some-tech font

delgado10 a dit  
Illegal Curves

looks close, but not exact. still thanks.

08/04/2012 à 16:06  [post initial]  some-tech font

thanks in advance

12/02/2012 à 01:49  [post initial]  some tech font

the R is definitly edited, but what about A ?

thx in advance!


15/01/2012 à 11:10  [post initial]  some gothic font

04/01/2012 à 00:43  [réponse]  some soft logo


24/12/2011 à 22:54  [post initial]  some soft logo

thanks in advance!

21/12/2011 à 03:31  [réponse]  some gothic font

rocamaco a dit  
Fancy Card Text


19/12/2011 à 12:35  [post initial]  It's a cartoon logo

thanks in advance.

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19/12/2011 à 12:34  [post initial]  some gothic font

thanks in advance.

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19/12/2011 à 09:32  [réponse]  WHat is ' B . A . P ' FONT?

it is either a Aeromatics NC or Batman Forever

Police identifiée : Batman Forever

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19/12/2011 à 09:30  [post initial]  Artist from Dominant War V used one

thanks in advance.

25/10/2011 à 19:29  [réponse]  Font ID

it is Xirod

Police identifiée : Xirod

25/10/2011 à 19:27  [réponse]  What font it is?

looks like but the first character is not of this font
use for search this site

Police suggérée : ITC Cuppa Joe

23/09/2011 à 15:15  [réponse]  know this font?

Rotis Semi Serif / Vekta Neo Book / Dyadis

Police suggérée : Rotis Semi Serif

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