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12/01/2016 à 11:22  [réponse]  Which Font Is This ???

Probably an older version/modified version of this one…

Police suggérée : Stencil Style New

10/01/2016 à 20:25  [réponse]  LOCK!

(But my old eyes can't tell which at this size of sample)

Police suggérée : Shatter

10/01/2016 à 20:23  [réponse]  LOCK!

Police identifiée : Glass Houses

10/01/2016 à 13:43  [réponse]  Font Please 😃

Police identifiée : Grant

09/01/2016 à 23:17  [réponse]  Reindeer Aviation font?

Police identifiée : Bernier

Police identifiée : Gunplay

Indeed yes, the Letraset "cut" has the H, but not the R and K

09/01/2016 à 21:55  [réponse]  Font?

I've been looking at this for a while and the differences in the ear on the 'r's in Carry and the subtle differences between the 'r's & 'e's in Coeur, de and pirate lead me to believe this is hand lettered, although, I could be wrong…

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09/01/2016 à 21:42  [réponse]  Font in Davao Tshirt

See also this post for alternative cuts…

Police identifiée : Mesquite

I think I mentioned in a previous comment that I literally just missed the boat on photo/filmotype. My first job on my first day in the print industry proper was loading a Scantext 1000 (I think) machine onto the recycling truck, before commencing work as a mac operator. So I have knowledge of some pre digital technologies, like Letraset when it was a rub on transfer (oh sweet memories of doing posters for friends bands with that stuff) but not the real pre-digital typesetting. I have recently been toying with the idea of growing a beard and buying a letterpress press though… (It's either that or growing a beard and opening a micro brewery!)

PS I doubt that we will find a perfect match, unless there is a revival out there in the dark recesses of the Creative Market or some such…

Sorry Heron, I hadn't made the Sesame Street connection so had no notion of this being VERY pre digital! There is a knockoff of Busorama, Busorama FS which features the 'R' and 'K' that match the posted sample. Though it's a bit heavier than OPs sample
NOT THE FONT but could be used to set a close approximation.

Police suggérée : Busorama

It looks like the Buffer font listed here, which in itself is a sort of cut of Busorama. Can't find a legitimate download for it…

This font…
…is a pretty close alternative.
Someone else may come up with an ID and link, so don't give up hope.

09/01/2016 à 15:21  [réponse]  MI HERMANA INVISIBLE ?

or possibly this sheared, scaled and decorated…

Police identifiée : Batak Condensed

09/01/2016 à 00:49  [réponse]  anyone knows a font like this??

09/01/2016 à 00:45  [réponse]  name of font?

Heron2001 a dit  
Oh the days of type are gone...

I removed the "italic" lol

The days of purity in type ended with the first copies of Corel Draw, Illustrator and Photochops and it's only set to continue (getting worse or better, depending on your POV). My career started with me putting the phototype setting machine and letterpress type that my employer had replaced with me and a Mac on the recycling truck… a heartbreaking start to ones first day in the business, but so it goes.

09/01/2016 à 00:26  [réponse]  Font of "Herna" ? Heelpp

Sheared manually and scaled.

Police identifiée : Batak Condensed

09/01/2016 à 00:16  [réponse]  2 FONTS


09/01/2016 à 00:16  [réponse]  name of font?

Heron is quite correct. Manually sheared and scaled horizontally… so lets have a green

08/01/2016 à 23:53  [réponse]  Font Name ??

Police identifiée : Black family

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