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Im pretty sure its sanitarium

Police identifiée : Sanitarium

10/01/2012 à 03:31  [réponse]  Font of the logo...

heh. its actually one of my fonts. lol!

Police identifiée : Fighting Spirit

27/07/2011 à 08:39  [réponse]  HELP!

the maerverlous blends text in badadoom from blamot

Police identifiée : Badaboom

08/05/2011 à 22:29  [réponse]  Top or Bottom of Font Cut off

Hi I made indy Pimp. Ive never seen it cut off, so this is news to me. and i dont wanna sound stupid, but whats an ascender? i usually just go by the guides in font creator. any tips would be nice.

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