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13/03/2013 à 06:31  [réponse]  Can anyone name this font?

additional variants, similar to american horror story

11/03/2013 à 07:30  [réponse]  Can anyone name this font?

18/10/2012 à 07:28  [réponse]  This font or something similiar?

engravers gothic / slightly extended

Police suggérée : Engravers Gothic

17/09/2012 à 23:18  [réponse]  Creepshow Movie Font


Police suggérée : Green Fuz

This isn't a match at all but you could try something like this and modify it yourself

Police suggérée : PT Banana Split

07/06/2012 à 10:15  [réponse]  ID this logos font for me please?

slightly modified Einhorn? Very similar but not exact

Police suggérée : Einhorn

19/05/2012 à 20:55  [réponse]  what's the font?

Police identifiée : Aurora Bold Condensed

19/05/2012 à 16:12  [réponse]  what's the font?

Armor Piercing - with horizontal scaling

Police identifiée : Armor Piercing

19/05/2012 à 06:28  [réponse]  Libro de donde viven los monstruos

Font based on the book typesetting.

Police suggérée : LD Kracken

19/05/2012 à 06:23  [réponse]  FONT ?

Modified University

Police identifiée : University

14/05/2012 à 08:02  [réponse]  Hell on Wheels (what a font?)

"Bauer Text Initials" was digitally published 10 years prior to Shango via Auras Design/PhilsFonts.
I will side with "themilkman"

Police suggérée : Au Bauer Text Initials

10/05/2012 à 09:48  [réponse]  Pink floyd The Wall

This is custom calligraphy for the album done by Gerald Scarfe.

There was a font created to mimic the calligraphy of the lyric sheet artwork called "floydian"

Police suggérée : Floydian

27/04/2012 à 10:11  [réponse]  hp moving brands logo

not a font yet; identity developed and then retreated from:

"The logo was a working draft that did not get adopted by HP'."

This may be a combination of weights or additional stroking of characters.

Police suggérée : Empire

18/04/2012 à 04:30  [réponse]  Guns N Roses

Distressed and extended version of Corvinus Skyline

Police identifiée : Corvinus Skyline

04/04/2012 à 16:07  [réponse]  Please What is this Font?

Emigre Platelet

Police suggérée : Platelet

02/04/2012 à 02:54  [réponse]  Sufi font

This is a face called Decco Modern Normal, designed by Andy Hullinger in 1993; Originally distributed by T-26;

here is font info:

Police identifiée : Decco Modern

Looks similar to Letraset/Fontek Mekanik

Police suggérée : Mekanik

27/08/2011 à 09:06  [réponse]  font of 'found'?

matrix script from emigre

This font was originally published as "Matrix Script" with multiple weights.

Police identifiée : Matrix II Script Bold

Édité 2 fois. Dernière édition le 27/08/2011 à 12:37 par rocamaco

26/08/2011 à 08:27  [réponse]  AMC "Silence Is Golden"

Modula from Emigre

Police identifiée : Modula Sans Black

Édité le 26/08/2011 à 13:16 par rocamaco

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