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19/11/2011 à 06:31  [post initial]  What's this?

14/07/2011 à 01:40  [post initial]  What is this?

22/06/2011 à 02:39  [post initial]  What the font? #2

Again, sorry for the blurriness. Though it looks quite unique, I have a feeling it's not custom.

22/06/2011 à 02:36  [post initial]  What the font?

Sorry if it's a bit blurry. It's lifted from a video.

29/05/2011 à 07:41  [post initial]  Safari Reader font

The font used in Safari Reader is suppose to be extremely legible. Can anyone identify it? I'm not so good with serifs. Thanks!

28/05/2011 à 03:43  [post initial]  What's this font?

23/05/2011 à 02:25  [post initial]  What's this font?

The R should give it away but unfortunately I do not know what typeface it belongs to. Help?

21/05/2011 à 05:57  [post initial]  what's this font?

What is the font? At first I thought it was maybe Avenir or Gotham but the G is really quite confusing.

17/04/2011 à 21:27  [réponse]  What font is this?

Thanks so much!

17/04/2011 à 04:34  [post initial]  What font is this?

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