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10/11/2011 à 18:09  [post initial]  Francesca Battistelli My Paper Heart

What is the font used on this album cover?

03/11/2011 à 08:11  [réponse]  Can anyone help me please!!!!

It looks like this font..

Police identifiée : Horation

02/11/2011 à 21:00  [réponse]  Gravity Happens

thank you! and i do know one i have angel tears

02/11/2011 à 19:03  [post initial]  Gravity Happens

What are the two fonts on this album cover i think i know one of them but not sure

08/04/2011 à 16:21  [réponse]  victoria Justice!

thank you!

07/04/2011 à 21:36  [post initial]  victoria Justice!

can anyone tell me the font for "Victoria" and/or "Justice"

02/03/2011 à 00:15  [post initial]  Hellcats font?

I was wondering what the font was on this Hellcats poster.. can any1 help?

The only other one I know of is..

23/02/2011 à 01:57  [réponse]  Album

erm... i have a free download of it... I think thats it or its extremely similar its for the demi lovato logo though... i don't know about the other bit..

Police suggérée : Don't Forget

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23/02/2011 à 01:36  [réponse]  What is the font

The 2nd one is for "The Scene"

Police suggérée : Opticon One

23/02/2011 à 01:35  [réponse]  What is the font

Right well yhere are 2 fonts the 1st 1 is for "Selena Gomez" turn the W into the M and use this font

Police suggérée : Spyroclassic

23/02/2011 à 01:28  [réponse]  Do you know font this is?

if your looking for the font thats goes with Sudestada Try...

Police suggérée : Sudesta Ends

23/02/2011 à 00:56  [post initial]  Ashlee Simpson BW?

i really would like to know what this font is.. can anyone help me?

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23/02/2011 à 00:35  [réponse]  What Font is This?

the font for "the Scene" is

Police suggérée : Opticon One

23/02/2011 à 00:33  [réponse]  What Font is This?

Erm... the font for "Selena Gomez"

Just be careful as the M on the logo is a W flipped

Police suggérée : Spyroclassic

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20/02/2011 à 21:38  [post initial]  Carrie Underwood Font

im very curious to find this font... i looks similar to Spyroclassic or Opticon but im not sure

15/02/2011 à 16:51  [post initial]  The Saturdays font?

i've been wondering about this 1 for a while... what is the font for the saturdays logo

15/02/2011 à 12:43  [post initial]  Avil Lavigne Font

I already have the font for Goodbye Lullaby I just need to know what the font is for "Avril Lavigne" can any one help?

12/02/2011 à 17:07  [post initial]  Carrie underwood fonts

I don't know how many fonts exist on this cover so please help me

12/02/2011 à 17:02  [réponse]  What are these fonts?

ok well i know the top one is a font...

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