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30/12/2011 à 01:18  [post initial]  'Y U NO' MEME

Anyone knows what font is used in 'Y U NO' Internet meme?

I'm guessing its Impact, but the M is different somehow.

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01/03/2011 à 06:07  [post initial]  Californication TV Show

I was searching for it quite a long time and can't even find a font that looks similar.

27/02/2011 à 10:53  [réponse]  eBay Logo Font

The font is also modified a little bit (stretched 'e' maybe; some letters are bigger/smaller to each other).

Police suggérée : Univers 65 Bold

23/02/2011 à 03:50  [réponse]  Daybreak on ITV1

Modified font/custom made. Alternative/similar fonts in my opinion are: Neo Sans Bold, Harabara.

Police suggérée : Neo Sans Bold

20/02/2011 à 21:46  [réponse]  Corporate Font

DTL Prokyon, in my opinion is the best solution. It might not be entirely exact as the font in logo, but it's the closest of all suggested fonts here. Almost every major company has logo with a font that has been modified in some way (more or less) or made entirely from the scratch by someone who's been paid for it, therefore, discussing about the font on this logo is probably meaningless by now since the author of this thread had already stated that DLT Prokyon 'is just the font'.

radufain a dit  
yes but is free

On the internet, everything is free.

20/02/2011 à 16:24  [réponse]  Yves Saint Laurent

It's not a font (custom lettering by Adolphe Mouron Cassandre).

Good alternative fonts:
URW Imperial
Ela Sans

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19/02/2011 à 23:33  [réponse]  Corporate Font

Police suggérée : DTL Prokyon Medium

17/02/2011 à 00:59  [réponse]  Swissair Logo Font

Police identifiée : Futura Bold

28/01/2011 à 00:01  [réponse]  Monster brand

Definitely custom made logo for Monster Energy.

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27/01/2011 à 07:03  [réponse]  universal

Oh really, you have to buy it? But can you see other's people posts?

26/01/2011 à 18:12  [réponse]  universal

Every letter matches this font and I think that 'A' might be modified (the ending at top right side is erased).

Police suggérée : Copperplate Gothic 33 BC

26/01/2011 à 08:41  [réponse]  Bandwagon jumping

Police suggérée : Refrigerator Deluxe Heavy

24/01/2011 à 23:53  [réponse]  Green Day

Distorted/grungy look of the font was added manually using software. I know, you're disappointed. =c

18/01/2011 à 23:28  [réponse]  Please help!!!

Police suggérée : Century Schoolbook

18/01/2011 à 23:20  [réponse]  Beats By Dr.Dre

Do you understand when I wrote 'modified'? Letters 'B', 'A', 'D' have an additional 'dash' that if erased, the letter would like like Dr. Dre font, where 'T' is a combination of 'F' and 'T' + erased dash at the left of 't'. Moreover, One Eight has wider/longer letters that do not match with Dr. Dre font.

17/01/2011 à 23:00  [réponse]  Beats By Dr.Dre

176 MKSD has different 'Y', Eight One has different 'T' and Comfortaa is just a poor copy of original font and well... has different 'S'. In my opinion the logo was custom made and it's a modified ITC Avant Garde Gothic font. At the moment, I guess there is no font that looks exactly the same as Dr. Dre font.

Police suggérée : ITC Avant Garde Gothic Book

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15/01/2011 à 09:09  [réponse]  Knockaround Sunglasses

13/01/2011 à 03:39  [réponse]  FONT OF ASTON MARTIN

Police suggérée : Optima Roman

07/01/2011 à 17:54  [réponse]  call of duty

Police identifiée : Bank Gothic Medium

07/01/2011 à 17:51  [réponse]  call of duty

Police suggérée : Impact Bold Condensed

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