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06/07/2017 à 10:06  [post initial]  "Haplos" script font

It seems very familiar especially with the small 's'. But I can't find it. Help me?

12/02/2017 à 08:12  [post initial]  DTBY font

It's so tiring looking for this in a sea of script fonts. NEED HELP!

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27/04/2014 à 15:55  [post initial]  Unknown monospaced font?

I need to know the font of this asap. Thanks!

20/03/2013 à 08:44  [post initial]  BGC font?

help please? thanks in advance.

07/12/2012 à 03:12  [réponse]  what is this font.

Police identifiée : Myriad Pro Bold Italic

07/12/2012 à 03:08  [post initial]  LeonPhilippe font?

Help please? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks in advance.

25/09/2012 à 10:13  [réponse]  The Mint font???

Thank you!

25/09/2012 à 09:53  [post initial]  The Mint font???

The font looks familiar but I can't find it here. Help me please? Thanks in advance!

19/04/2012 à 05:50  [post initial]  Can you help me find this font?

I need it ASAP. Thanks!


Police identifiée : Reboard

29/02/2012 à 17:06  [post initial]  "Starlight" font

Can somebody help me find this font or anything similar with this font? Thanks.

29/02/2012 à 15:34  [réponse]  What font is this?

It's Optima. But there's a free font that's similar with it. Find "Vera Humana 95".

Police identifiée : Optima

08/12/2011 à 05:59  [post initial]  I forgot the name of this font.

I asked skullcandiii what is the font she used. I'm following her and she's following me on tumblr.

Police identifiée : Orator Medium

27/05/2011 à 15:25  [post initial]  Dairy Queen New logo font?

09/01/2011 à 17:01  [post initial]  Ever font

Can anyone identify this font? Pretty please?

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06/01/2011 à 10:06  [réponse]  help

Here's the exact font used in this picture.

Police identifiée : Vtks Revolt

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