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13/03/2014 à 16:12  [post initial]  what is the font?

30/12/2013 à 14:06  [réponse]  font ID?

any others?

27/12/2013 à 21:16  [post initial]  font ID?

I thought I had this one. I was wrong. Any ideas?

12/09/2013 à 17:00  [réponse]  Need Font

spot on. thanks.

12/09/2013 à 16:29  [post initial]  Need Font

It might be a variation of Goudy type. Will accept any help. Thanks.

22/08/2013 à 17:59  [réponse]  Halftone Font

Thanks for the help. I'm going with ams-trame. I altered my original plan to make it work with this font. Not exactly what I wanted, but oh well.

19/08/2013 à 23:01  [réponse]  Halftone Font

I'm very sorry this is all you have to offer in life.

19/08/2013 à 21:53  [réponse]  Halftone Font

that was helpful.

19/08/2013 à 20:10  [post initial]  Halftone Font

I am in need of a good halftone font. Any ideas?

31/12/2012 à 18:53  [réponse]  gotta have it

Thanks. The shape of the "o" is more like the HFF Ice Bergman, I think.

31/12/2012 à 18:27  [post initial]  gotta have it

27/09/2012 à 18:35  [post initial]  any ideas?

and the font is....

24/09/2012 à 17:52  [réponse]  any ideas?


24/09/2012 à 17:19  [post initial]  any ideas?

22/08/2012 à 15:11  [réponse]  Need help fixing my bike!

you can find the logo at

21/08/2012 à 21:35  [post initial]  Not even close

I can't find anything even close to this. Any suggestions?

21/08/2012 à 21:34  [réponse]  Help finding starter jacket logo

If you are looking for the logo and not the font, you can find it at

30/04/2012 à 20:29  [post initial]  Don't fail me now!

SO far, all my requests have been identified. THANKS! Now I need help with this one.

18/04/2012 à 21:49  [réponse]  anyone?

It was Choc. Thanks!

18/04/2012 à 20:26  [post initial]  anyone?

this should be an easy one, i know. but i can't find it.

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