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03/09/2012 à 23:45  [réponse]  Guillaume Radio 2.0

This one is sort of close, but I am unsure of yours specifically.

Police suggérée : Base 02

03/09/2012 à 23:39  [post initial]  Font for logo update

Hey there,

Have to create a print version of this logo for a client, could someone help me identify the font?


01/06/2012 à 01:00  [réponse]  Font for news website

Thank you so much!

31/05/2012 à 23:58  [post initial]  Font for news website

hey does anyone know this one? just need it to update the image!

Thank you Myotis for a quick reply! It is much appreciated!



Please can someone identify the font in this image?

Thank you,


19/01/2011 à 18:42  [réponse]  Old Font

thank you very much mr.jeff!

22/12/2010 à 06:26  [post initial]  Old Font

Hello there,

Dont like to ask for stuff on the first post but if you can help it would be good
I have linked a font that I cannot find in my library and was hoping someone would know it.

Thank you,

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