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oh thanks rodolphe...

23/12/2010 à 12:52  [réponse]  How to delete font in dafont?

oh.. thx

do you?

Whoa.... what is kerning?

some spashing font or ornamental-flowered font LOL

22/12/2010 à 15:01  [réponse]  How do I make a font?

22/12/2010 à 14:46  [réponse]  How do I make a font?

actually, there is windows version of FontForge, bur i got some error message.

try to use fontstruct guys...
i use fontstruct.

(sorry, english is not my native laguage)

I created some fonts in fontstruct and always accepted,.. (although i think that font is bad enough to be ignored)

However, i created from corel, it always ignored (i think that font is relly good)


i use coreldraw, but i cant export to TTF format. So, i export to PFB fomat (adobe 1 type font). Thus, i need to convert it.. THX

06/12/2010 à 05:28  [réponse]  How do I make a font?

i wanna freeware program.. anyone have it??

try fontstruct, an online font making

My Corel Draw was error to make some font.. that show an error message.
How to fix it?

are there free font maker? what is that? whre i can download?


05/12/2010 à 07:15  [post initial]  How to delete font in dafont?

i wanna delete some font i uploaded... thank you

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