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11/01/2011 à 18:03  [réponse]  Name font ?

Birth of a Hero

Police identifiée : Birth of a Hero

11/01/2011 à 16:46  [réponse]  identification police

Sorry, this is probably wrong, if I look to the T, Arial has the top angled, and here it isn't...

11/01/2011 à 16:43  [réponse]  What Rango font?

Aint Pieces of Eight!

11/01/2011 à 16:42  [réponse]  identification police

Without the title, everything is Arial

Police suggérée : Arial

11/01/2011 à 16:29  [réponse]  Identification police 2

Times New Roman for the not bold parts!

Police identifiée : Times New Roman

10/01/2011 à 19:47  [réponse]  Just another font request:

This is just basic Arial, but edited in a Weirdmaker I think.

Police suggérée : Arial

10/01/2011 à 15:58  [réponse]  Need for tattoo

09/01/2011 à 19:25  [réponse]  Does anyone know what font this is?

Why do you do this ID request again??? You already have the same one over here:

If they don't respond there, they probably don't know the font...

09/01/2011 à 11:07  [réponse]  What font is this

09/01/2011 à 10:54  [réponse]  What font is this

This aint Droid Sans!! Look at the Y, that one is the most clear... But every letter is wrong compared to Droid Sans!

08/01/2011 à 12:59  [réponse]  What's this font???


Police suggérée : Angryblue

08/01/2011 à 12:41  [réponse]  font help?

Think I have it, custom E

Police suggérée : Handel Gothic

08/01/2011 à 12:37  [réponse]  font help?

What needs to stand there??? Cannondale?

08/01/2011 à 12:36  [réponse]  What's this font???

I've translated this to french...

D'accord, mais je pense que c'est une conception de la main ...

08/01/2011 à 12:34  [réponse]  font help?

colddesert, can you give us the complete image perhaps, maybe that helps...

08/01/2011 à 12:30  [réponse]  What's this font???

What other letter??? I only see the double W, and that's what Rodolphe gave you...

08/01/2011 à 12:03  [post initial]  FOOD Inc Font?

I hope anyone can give me this font!

06/01/2011 à 22:14  [réponse]  font help?

Think this is the right one!

Police identifiée : SF Transrobotics Italic

06/01/2011 à 22:11  [réponse]  font help?

Don't you have a larger image? I can barely see anything...

06/01/2011 à 08:35  [réponse]  Tron Legacy Font Help

Dr3amchase, you can buy it on or at

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