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26/01/2011 à 18:41  [réponse]  font name?

Hard to tell while the text isn't horizontaly...

If I see this right, both L's differ, so probably not a font...

26/01/2011 à 15:36  [réponse]  The Game

MAWNS a dit  
Myotis a dit  
No, the E's are not different. The underline coming from the M just makes it look like it.

Well, I meant down in the right corner of the last E. It's a bit taken away.

That can be done really easy by just erasing it in Photoshop or something like that, even Paint... I think it's a font!

25/01/2011 à 22:17  [réponse]  Top Gun font

As a free font, I'd suggest SF Collegiate. As Hollywood Hills hasn't got the letters on the baseline, I think this is a bit better...

Police suggérée : SF Collegiate

25/01/2011 à 16:19  [réponse]  Quelle est cette police ????

Hi Guiguigd, I think deds is right with Dutch & Harley, because as you can see in the image, there are some lines on the D that seem to have been erased, but not everything.
When you look to Dutch & Harley, you can see that on those spots there are decorations to the D!

24/01/2011 à 18:29  [réponse]  Font...

hanoded a dit  
Hmm... I don't think it's my font, but if yes, then they should have donated (as the fon't been downloaded XXXtimes, but no donations!)... GRRR
But then again: it's probably not Business As Usual

I think they already where aware of it not being a font... xyourebeautiful only gave a suggestion for a font that looks similar to what they have done...

24/01/2011 à 18:17  [réponse]  Vriesoord brand font

I'm sorry, I tried to help You can do it yourself if you want something better...

24/01/2011 à 17:39  [réponse]  Vriesoord brand font

I know this is bit shit, but I hope this will help:

24/01/2011 à 17:28  [réponse]  Vriesoord brand font

I've made a image with only the letters, and black, but how do I put this in this thread?

24/01/2011 à 16:30  [réponse]  Vriesoord brand font

Well, idk if it is a font, but if it is, it's deffinatly modified, both O's and R's differ from each other...

(Nou, ik weet niet of het een lettertype is, maar als het er een is, dan is die zeker gemodificeerd, aangezien de twee R en O's verschillen...)

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22/01/2011 à 09:55  [réponse]  FCBarcelona

No Mares, it ain't Triplex Sans... Look at the R and the L, they differ from the image...

19/01/2011 à 17:16  [réponse]  Help me please!

Glad I could help! ^^

19/01/2011 à 16:54  [réponse]  Help me please!

Police identifiée : Angel Tears

19/01/2011 à 16:15  [réponse]  Help, what is this font? please

F, U, R, S, T, and K differ from Charlie Brown

19/01/2011 à 16:14  [réponse]  WHAT ARE THESE FONTS?

Ah, that will be the reason I thought they did much modifications! Learned another thing, thx

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18/01/2011 à 18:08  [réponse]  Beats By Dr.Dre

Well GrimSanctum, ITC Avant Garde Gothic Book has a different 'B', 'A', 'T', 'D'... Of all the fonts suggested ATM, I think Eight One is the best, but definitely not the same

18/01/2011 à 16:33  [réponse]  The long and skinny one.

From the three M's, there aren't two the same... So, thats modified or custom made...

18/01/2011 à 16:26  [réponse]  WHAT ARE THESE FONTS?

deds a dit  
Hello MANOEL 158, ITellYa,
for "concepT", manually modified ?

Janet, Regular

Yeh Deds, you're probably right with that, although they did quite some modifications...

17/01/2011 à 19:04  [réponse]  helpp

Well, you didn't make that clear... Sorry

17/01/2011 à 17:14  [réponse]  helpp

Police suggérée : Base 05  (Mauvaise réponse)

17/01/2011 à 15:58  [réponse]  Help Please , Name is a Font .

Try this one (pf_tempesta_seven_compressed_bold.ttf)

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