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14/03/2011 à 18:38  [réponse]  What font it is?

All pairs of letters differ, not a font...

14/03/2011 à 17:03  [réponse]  universal font

Well, identified in this thread as Copperplate....

Did you create this or what?

If so, this is a font identification forum, what do you want us to do?

13/03/2011 à 22:27  [réponse]  Proximamente

'EXCLUSIVO' looks like Riesling with custom S or from other font...

Police suggérée : Riesling

13/03/2011 à 19:04  [réponse]  Vogue.

SashiX a dit  
ITellYa a dit  
Really close, I only see difference in the G

Bodoni TS

Haha. Yeah

Lol, I didn't see your post there...

13/03/2011 à 18:46  [réponse]  Vogue.

Really close, I only see difference in the G

Police suggérée : Bodoni TS

13/03/2011 à 18:31  [réponse]  What's this font?

Police identifiée : Vive la Rivoluzione

Police identifiée : El&Font Gothic!

13/03/2011 à 17:29  [réponse]  Facebook

uniqszc a dit  
up ..

What do you want???

Klavika is a comercial font, so you can't use it for free... Only if you find an illegal download you'll be able to use klavika for free, and we'll not help you with that...

13/03/2011 à 17:08  [réponse]  Connaissez-vous cette police?

Police identifiée : Holly Script

13/03/2011 à 14:27  [réponse]  help

Police identifiée : Interstate Compressed

13/03/2011 à 14:25  [réponse]  Facebook

uniqszc a dit  
where to find free font klavika?

Klavika is a commercial font, and so you need to pay for the font in order to be allowed to use it...

13/03/2011 à 14:14  [réponse]  fuse

Police identifiée : Helvetica Neue Heavy

13/03/2011 à 14:09  [réponse]  This?????

Police identifiée : GhostKid AOE

13/03/2011 à 13:13  [réponse]  What is this font?

I used Blippo Black, and filled it myself by hand in Photoshop....

(EDIT: Question... how do I add images in this text?)

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13/03/2011 à 12:53  [réponse]  Gaming.

MAWNS a dit  
RS Font

You suggested the font used in the chat window, what is a pixel typeface...

13/03/2011 à 09:45  [réponse]  Street Dreams Font

Little modified...

Police suggérée : British Inserat Condensed

12/03/2011 à 18:23  [réponse]  brand

12/03/2011 à 17:34  [réponse]  Wath the font

Close, but not quite it.

Police suggérée : Xenia

Édité le 12/03/2011 à 17:38 par ITellYa

Police identifiée : Regime Bold

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