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23/03/2011 à 17:27  [réponse]  What font is it?

Police identifiée : Olympus Bold

23/03/2011 à 17:24  [réponse]  What font is it?

Really really close...

Police suggérée : P22 Acropolis Now

23/03/2011 à 17:17  [réponse]  Font

Police identifiée : PF Beau Sans Pro Bold

23/03/2011 à 17:12  [réponse]  What font is it?

Police identifiée : Neurochrome

23/03/2011 à 17:06  [réponse]  What Font? Split/Second Title

Airoz a dit  
Is it the same font, as the "Split/Second" Title?

No, sorry, I don't know that font :(

23/03/2011 à 17:02  [réponse]  What Font? Split/Second Title


Police identifiée : DTT Ext SemiBold

23/03/2011 à 17:01  [réponse]  What Font? Split/Second Title


Police identifiée : Alternate Gothic SB-No Two

23/03/2011 à 16:41  [réponse]  Shear Bliss


Police suggérée : Eurostile Extended

23/03/2011 à 16:35  [réponse]  logo

Little cut in the 'G' is custom

Police identifiée : Ambrosia

23/03/2011 à 16:22  [réponse]  One of the Nutrabolics supplement

The closest I can find for the 'W' is Saturn Bold

23/03/2011 à 16:18  [réponse]  Police Livres Cherub

Police identifiée : Compacta

23/03/2011 à 16:16  [réponse]  Whats the name of this font?

Police suggérée : Freesia UPC Bold

23/03/2011 à 07:45  [réponse]  One of the Nutrabolics supplement

Modified M, N, and W

Police suggérée : Saved by Zero

22/03/2011 à 20:04  [réponse]  what is this font?

Not completely sure...

Police suggérée : Atlantide + Decor

22/03/2011 à 18:09  [réponse]  Can you help me to find this font?


Police identifiée : Sackers Gothic Light

22/03/2011 à 18:04  [réponse]  Can you help me to find this font?

'ART OF DYING' R is lowercase

Police identifiée : Farquharson

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22/03/2011 à 16:47  [réponse]  Bizarre Ampersand

Police suggérée : Claritty Bold  (Déjà suggérée ici)

22/03/2011 à 15:51  [réponse]  Font Name Please :)

Police identifiée : Coolvetica

22/03/2011 à 08:31  [réponse]  i need all fonts

Ah, well, I won't say anything more here in this topic... Although I don't get your point, it's useless to continue this, as you probably know this better then me...

21/03/2011 à 20:02  [réponse]  i need all fonts

Alex, you said it there yourself:
SashiX a dit  
You have to adjust the angle right, space between letters, size of the letters...

You'll need to modify the font to match it... The characters might be the same in form, but not in hight and spacing...

Well, you can keep Kozuka as an identified one , but it definatly isn't exact!

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