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Strange enough, I did try that--and got the same error message/result.

07/07/2010 à 20:16  [réponse]  Contacting Beeline author

Thank you, metaphasebrothel! I wrote to her using the email address Daaams provided. Hopefully she'll get back to me.

07/07/2010 à 19:00  [réponse]  Contacting Beeline author

Thank you, Daaams!!

It's AlphaWood. Well, PineWood, too (separate authors). There appears to be no way to contact the designers from this site. Found the website of the AlphaWood creator; email address dead.

Of course, the client LOVES the design with AlphaWood, and I'd really love to use it. Any suggestions?

07/07/2010 à 18:30  [réponse]  Contacting Beeline author

Gah!! Nice. I chose this font for a design that the clients LOVED--but I can't make PDFs of it, and it likely won't be able to print, either!

07/07/2010 à 16:57  [réponse]  Contacting Beeline author

Thanks. I did send her an email yesterday at that address, but I haven't heard anything. I've been having a similar issue with another font from this site (have never had this issue before!), so it may not be just that font....

This has happened with two fonts this week. The font downloads fine, and I have no trouble loading them. I can print them in my document, but when I try to save the document as a PDF, I get the error message that there are licensing restrictions!!

06/07/2010 à 22:45  [post initial]  Contacting Beeline author

Anyone know how to contact the font author Beeline? S/he created the "Alpha" line. There does not appear to be any links to contact him/her. I would like to purchase a professional license for the font AlphaWood.

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