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I can do your favorite pixel font :P

I'm no good at scripts, sorry

I already have made several fonts in that list, I was looking for requests or ideas that other people would like to see made into a new font.

27/01/2011 à 14:33  [post initial]  Looking for new font requests/ideas

Hey guys, I was wondering if you guys have any favorite pixel-type fonts from old video games, computer software, etc that hasn't been made into a downloadable font. I'm looking for a new font idea.


vinz a dit  
You don't have ANY freelance in the US ??? waw.
In France, it's quite common to be self-employed. Maybe there is no legal structure to work this way in the US.

No, there is a lot of self employed people, designers included, in the US. I don't have statistics, but I think the majority are.

27/03/2010 à 18:42  [réponse]  How to improve PixelMix

vinz a dit  
kinda classic. May be useful sometimes...
the little pixel that float on the right of the "f" creat a gap, you should remove or shift it. the letter "q" isn't quite readable.

nice job, anyway

Thanks! I will look into the "f" and "q".

Pi Luo a dit  
looks a lot like the words on TI graphing calculators. did you base it on them?

I did base it on the TI-83+'s letters.

23/03/2010 à 14:02  [post initial]  How to improve PixelMix

Hello everyone, I am the creator of PixelMix, and I am looking for suggestions, criticism, etc on my font. A character you hate? One you think could be better? Please reply.

--Andrew Tyler

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