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13/12/2016 à 02:42  [réponse]  WHAT FONT IS THIS

thank you

02/06/2014 à 04:13  [post initial]  WHAT FONT IS THIS

please help me what font is this thank you for your kind

fmontpetit a dit  

you are amazing

22/05/2012 à 16:46  [réponse]  What's the name of this font

try that link maybe dylovastuff i hope its correct

Police identifiée : Dylovastuf

05/04/2012 à 15:29  [réponse]  WHAT FONT IS IT?!?

d_redaelli a dit  
mmm..some one to help me?

created by my friend

hope this can help you

about me

Police identifiée : DyLovastuff 02

05/04/2012 à 15:24  [réponse]  How to unzip files

use winrar, winzip

24/12/2011 à 02:14  [réponse]  Trying to contact a font designer?

message him on private message

13/10/2011 à 01:29  [réponse]  ID of this Font?

rayhan a dit  
@weknow : you beat me.... Ah, gpp kok, hehe.... Org Indo kan?

yah ooh orang indonesia juga,dari bandung ya, atau dago

11/10/2011 à 11:40  [réponse]  ID of this Font?

its a font created by me, thank you

("g" is "b" rotated)

Police identifiée : Chewed Kandi

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