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14/08/2010 à 21:10  [réponse]  Creating a Font?

Download the trial version of Font Creator 4. Draw on paper, scan, copy paste.

Looking through everyone's stats right now... Cheri has 2,680,181 downloads @_@

Oh didn't know stats were public! Wow I'm #20 haha. I think I could've been pretty high up there when Infected was still #1. That guy raked in like 10,000 a day *v*

Alien Strawberry 23 49,546
Asian Girl 18 29,326
BlackCasper 68 95,672
Celeste Hand 57 25,780
Clarisse 35 21,757
Gordon Heights 53 35,664
Gothical 175 100,795
Infected 735 531,649
James Han 136 120,965
Lemons Can Fly 576 18,135
Make Juice 373 57,531
Northwood High 277 191,997
Rocketship Town 566 20,111
University High 126 24,510
Valerie Hand (update) 380 55,150
White Tie Affair 106 11,619

My stats have definitely seen better days haha

29/06/2010 à 04:05  [réponse]  Look at each others fonts...

thanks so much!
I really appreciate the feedback. I agree with you on like everything. Not really important but the reason I still do grunge/handwritten fonts are because grunge fonts get downloads and hand written fonts are usually well liked. Celeste Hand doesn't get a lot of downloads, but people must like it because it has 2nd most comments out of my fonts and I actually see it on the web a lot as youtube video watermarks, on tumblr (tumblr ppl use Celeste Hand a LOT) and yeah. I've only come across Infected font once online. So yeah, I mean, how many people liked Comic Sans, Kristen ITC, Bradley Hand, or Tempus Sans when they were kids?

*raises hand guiltily*
But yeah, thanks! :]

29/06/2010 à 00:47  [réponse]  Look at each others fonts...

Hey if anyone could give me feedback on my fonts that'd be great!
And I totally agree btw. With meta

29/05/2010 à 00:20  [réponse]  Harvesting

@styler1972 What about Mars? No spiders on Mars.

26/05/2010 à 02:54  [réponse]  Look at each others fonts...

1. Koobz - this one unfortunately does not get as many downloads but I think its well done and interesting
2. Brutal Tooth - great because it appeals to emoticore/deathcore bands. There aren't many fonts on dafont like this so it was great that you made this font!
3. Ghetto Marquee - I love grungy fonts! They take like no skill to make and most of them on dafont are rip offs of other fonts but whatever haha! I make a bunch myself so yeah

1. Posca Mad Thrashers - You have pretty writing! I know this font probably wasn't supposed to look 'pretty' but yeah. I think its pretty haha
2. Abuse - kinda like Posca Mad Thrashers, however the fixed width of the lines give it a less spontaneous feel
3. Knife Fight - I like this font a lot! The name fits really well I think :]

Well you only have 3 fonts so I can't really choose a top 3. I'll just pick my favorite which is Defused hands down!
A lot of fonts on dafont have really 'cheap' looking grunge. I'm guilty of making crap fonts too I must admit (but I get lazy and they still get downloads so I continue to do so). See my own Northwood High and University High for examples of what I mean when I say 'cheap' grunge.

Well anyhow, I think Defused is one of the few grunge fonts which has a really great grunge effect. I don't really know how to describe it, its just so amazing haha. Really intense looking.

29/04/2010 à 07:39  [réponse]  Sites Redistributing daFont Fonts

Which site offered you money? Maybe I should request to have my fonts removed as well

27/03/2010 à 07:10  [réponse]  How to improve PixelMix

looks a lot like the words on TI graphing calculators. did you base it on them?

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