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03/12/2015 à 04:38  [post initial]  Wedding Font

join us for the Wedding of and

18/11/2015 à 02:14  [post initial]  Enerlogic Logo


17/09/2015 à 16:24  [post initial]  Vista Window Film Logo

I am looking for the font used for VISTA please. I like the style of it.

18/05/2010 à 23:29  [réponse]  Single line fonts

You know the fonts on your engraver machine probably is just a single vector line and the engraver follows the line thus adding both sides. If anyone knows illustrator this is the basis of the brush tool, it draws a vector line and a "stroke" is applied to it, so the engraver acts as a "stroke" on a single center line. Something like that wouldnt have much use on any program other than the engraving software but if it is how i said then you could apply strokes to the vector in illustrator. if you have any vector programs it could be compatible to put those vectors in your engraving program.

13/05/2010 à 00:28  [post initial]  Tags are needed!!!

It was said before i know but im reiterating it! If we could legit give tags as an author or even suggest tags for great fonts that would be fantastic.

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