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This is bugging me too. Today it's available again, I tried to change just the description of one of my fonts and it says "Error. Files are too big." but I didnt even change the file...

I've searched for this image, and the only page came up was a korean one. Translated to English it says something like that Avicii's logo has a philosophy under it, and others also make fonts based on that (like the one you linked). So it's not Avicii's font, it's just a font based on Avicii's logo's philosophy. Just so you know.

But here's the font used in Avicii's logo, in case you are interested:

Hope I could help.

29/10/2012 à 16:19  [réponse]  Which Software?


28/10/2012 à 18:46  [post initial]  Which Software?


Which software is this on the picture? Please tell me if you know!

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Oh I also recognized that somthing has changed. So now I know what was it. I won't have to wait weeks for accepting just a few days until now. Thats great!

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