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my font submitted in february, no news coming.

Thank you for the answer, so I assume that there are notification when my font is accepted? or not?

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Please refer to this previous answer.

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I'm afraid there is nothing else that I can say after this last message:

"It seems like you're aware that we have delays. In this thread I also ask several times that people do not submit their fonts more than once. Unfortunately there is nothing more I can add at the moment. I can't stress this enough: do not submit your fonts more than once. We kindly ask for everyone's patience as we're working to deal with this issue. If you add a message to this thread it means we will spend time explaining the same things again instead of spending valuable time uploading new fonts."

You already submitted four times in five days even though you're aware of the delay we have. Once again we ask people not to submit their fonts several times.

I'm just adding that the moment, review time is about two and a half months.

I submit three or four fonts about a month ago I guess,in which page do I check if the font is accepted or not? I also about to upload couple of new fonts, and I like to check which of my fonts that have uploaded.

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