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09/09/2012 à 17:49  [réponse]  Please identify!!

Still, I haven't had an answer to my question : "I'm sorry, but if you're not talking about the placement, and are sure that Claude drew the font himself, what's the point of calling this font a rip-off ?"

And especially since you admit that everyone is inspired by everyone ?

I'm sorry, but I'm really trying to understand here.

09/09/2012 à 17:29  [réponse]  Please identify!!

I'm sorry, but if you're not talking about the placement, and are sure that Claude drew the font himself, what's the point of calling this font a rip-off ?

I mean, cool story, but I really don't see the point. Two people drew two different fonts from maybe a similar source, that "look alike", but the result is different. Of course, one decided to make money, the other one gave it for free. That's another difference I can see.

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09/09/2012 à 17:18  [réponse]  Please identify!!

Jackie, we can't compare by just looking at the preview images, can we ? The dots are different, I saw them in the past. Claude has explained many times how he came to this font, and even in the comments here on dafont.

09/09/2012 à 17:15  [réponse]  Outline/Filled Font Creation Help please

Black outline and white fill ? I'm curious if that's possible - of course it could be a lack of knowledge on my side.

09/09/2012 à 17:15  [réponse]  Please identify!!

But, you said he designed it from a woman's handwriting, didn't he ?

09/09/2012 à 17:12  [réponse]  Please identify!!

Hum, but why do we keep saying Chopin Script is a rip-off ? So if two persons decided to do a font from the same handwriting, I really don't see where's the problem ? Both fonts are different, as far as I know, so I really don't see the point in questioning this.

09/09/2012 à 17:09  [réponse]  Help pleaseeee

You're welcome

09/09/2012 à 17:02  [réponse]  Outline/Filled Font Creation Help please

Hum, if I understand well, you want to automatically fill letters with white while the contour is black ? As far as I know, that's not possible...

09/09/2012 à 15:41  [réponse]  How do u type symbols?

Well, you should simply hold the "Alt" key, and then type "0", then "1", then "9", then "2", and then release the "Alt" key. When you release the "Alt" key, the letter "À" should appear.

You could also copy/paste letters directly from here, if you're patient

09/09/2012 à 15:16  [réponse]  Outline/Filled Font Creation Help please

Hello Ikos, I'm not sure I completely understand the part where you say : "the interiors of the font (Which i was hoping to be white) were absent."

Could you make a screenshot of the glyph window in Fontlab of one character that has the problem you're trying to describe ? It will be easier to understand (At least for me, maybe someone else might understand this better )


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09/09/2012 à 15:14  [réponse]  Kanye West Cruel Summer Font?

DaCme37, j'ai modifié ton lien car il me semble que les liens vers les résultats de WhatTheFont ne fonctionnent plus après une certaine durée. Il serait donc inutilisable...

09/09/2012 à 14:21  [réponse]  which font is this?

Police identifiée : Frenzy

09/09/2012 à 13:29  [réponse]  Help pleaseeee

Police identifiée : Gilligans Island

09/09/2012 à 13:23  [réponse]  font

Police identifiée : Synchronous AOE

09/09/2012 à 13:12  [réponse]  HELP !!

Ça n'est pas une police, mais un truc fait à la main :

ou :

09/09/2012 à 12:21  [réponse]  What Font is it?

yoyo154 a dit  
im looking everywhere to find it for free

No you're not, it's a commercial font, so if someone wants to use it, he'll have to buy it, period. Otherwise it's stealing.

09/09/2012 à 12:06  [réponse]  How do u type symbols?

For these, simply hold the "Alt" key and then press the number corresponding to the letter. For example, for the uppercase "À", hold "Alt" and type 0 1 9 2, then release "Alt".

09/09/2012 à 10:12  [réponse]  Liar?

Police identifiée : Deftone Stylus

09/09/2012 à 10:07  [réponse]  NY SPLASH

And anyway, you'll have to find a mermaid to shit letters.

And if you don't like our sense of humor...

08/09/2012 à 23:03  [réponse]  Taylor Swift Single-Ronan

I think we don't have a choice

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