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The Font Identification image that I want to upload is very small. But according to Dafont's rules, "Zoomed (enlarged) images and/or crappy JPGs will be deleted". What can I do?

I can not find a larger version of the image anywhere.

Should I make the image size bigger in Adobe Photoshop? Should I use an AI software that will upscale it?

How can I make my small image fit the rules of Dafont?

If you know the name of this font, let me know. I took a large photo with the font being used multiple times so that the image won't be small, and so there can be more letters to help find the font.
Thank you

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07/12/2020 à 05:11  [post initial]  New Ford Bronco logo font?

Please comment if you know

Hondo5834 a dit  

Thank you very much

What is the font where it says "Dream cars with LEGO bricks"?

04/11/2020 à 13:46  [réponse]  What's this font?

jerseygirl a dit  
Kelly Ann Gothic

Thank you very much

03/11/2020 à 17:45  [post initial]  What's this font?

Let me know if you know this font

03/08/2020 à 04:15  [post initial]  BRIDGES font

Let me know if you know the font of BRIDGES

20/07/2020 à 17:53  [post initial]  Strange Talk band font?

Let me know if anyone knows this font

03/03/2020 à 16:05  [post initial]  What's this font?

Let me know if anybody knows this font

17/02/2020 à 04:21  [réponse]  NFS the heat font?

I don't think it's a font. I think it's manually drawn.
But if you want I can draw something similar for you with whichever characters you want.

15/02/2020 à 04:57  [post initial]  Looking for a dirty/eroded and funky font

I need a funky/groovy and a dirty/eroded looking fot by default to be used for a band logo.

If you have any suggestions please let me know

03/02/2020 à 14:45  [post initial]  TENZOR L.L.C. Font? (No higher quality)

Please let me know if anyone knows the font of this company's logo. This was the highest quality image I could find.

17/12/2019 à 08:25  [réponse]  help finding this fonts?

20121994 a dit  
UTM Nokia

The link doesn't work. It gives a 503 error.

29/11/2019 à 07:25  [réponse]  Font please?

Thank you very much

29/11/2019 à 01:23  [post initial]  Ghost Recon Font?

Let me know if you know it

29/11/2019 à 01:03  [post initial]  Font please?

Please let me know if anyone knows this font. Thank you

04/11/2019 à 11:51  [post initial]  Anybody know this font?

Please let me know if anyone knows this font. Thank you

09/08/2019 à 00:12  [réponse]  Gameboy logo font?

phantomranger a dit  
Gill Sans MT
Hope this helps but it's hard to get unless you have the money.

Gill Sans

It's very similar, but it's not this one. The bottom circle of B is not as strecting out as in the Gill Sans font. Both the circles in the B are the same while one is bigger than the other in the Gill Sans font.

Is there a specific name for the A letters in fonts that are straight on one side? They look like they are resting on the letter next to it, like a person leaning straight against a wall.

ITC Avant Garde Gothic is most famous for having the A that rests on one side.

Is it called Slanted? Leaning? Resting?

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