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23/10/2020 à 15:55  [post initial]  Font on gravestone needing to match

Looking for this Font or a Font style similar to match an old family stone

07/08/2020 à 18:06  [post initial]  Looking for at least a similar font

I need more of the font to make a headstone that matches the older family stone. Looking for a font as close as possible, if not the exact font.

Help still appreciated please

21/08/2019 à 17:22  [post initial]  Font on gravestone need id'ed to match

01/08/2019 à 22:04  [post initial]  Need to Know Font

20/10/2017 à 17:54  [réponse]  Unknown Font

Help still needed to identify

17/10/2017 à 22:34  [post initial]  Unknown Font

Only have this image of rubbing of a stone to work from.

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