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What is this font please ?

08/09/2010 à 12:10

I'm looking for the name of this font, il's similar than Texture, but Texture it's without Serif… Can you help me ??
Thank you so much.

What is this font please ?

Police identifiée

Stencil (on your computer)  Suggérée par Rodolphe 

08/09/2010 à 13:05

Police identifiée : Stencil (on your computer)

08/09/2010 à 13:11

Thank you Rodolphe, but with the used effect ???

08/09/2010 à 13:27

Oh, no, probably added in a drawing program...

08/09/2010 à 13:57

That was I think… in Illustrator, I don't found the perfect similar effect… but thank you so much for answered me !!!! have a good day.

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