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29/03/2013 à 15:42

I know for a fact that there is another character which constitutes the same symbol but flipped. Thanks.


Police identifiée

Adobe Wood Type Ornaments  Suggérée par pilaster 

29/03/2013 à 17:25

This the one?
Police identifiée : Adobe Wood Type Ornaments

30/03/2013 à 04:09

That looks close. Thanks. However, the only character that constitutes that dingbat is one that has both ends. I’m searching for two separate characters, each bearing a single end of the character. Do you have any suggestions?

30/03/2013 à 13:56

I can't think of a font with that as a glyph. (Others may offer one yet)
Cant you just flip or rotate the sample? Use that as a placed graphic element?
If I'm reading your post correctly, what you want is this.

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