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Please anyone help me ID this font

29/03/2013 à 08:07

I have been looking for this font for a few months now off and on, and the only thing i came across was a design which had this same font style, i did get a hold of the graphic designer but unfortunately this guy didn't want to give me the name of the font or where i was able to get it from, so please help out , thanx in advance!!!

Please anyone help me ID this font

Police identifiée

LHF Plymouth  Suggérée par koeiekat 

29/03/2013 à 11:57

You are looking at the LHF Plymouth, designed in 2005 by Gregg Heger. Not on the Letterhead site anymore.
Police identifiée : LHF Plymouth

29/03/2013 à 20:14

ahhh you are a freakin life saver thank you so much, no wonder i couldn't locate it , as you said it is no longer on the letterhead site, thanx so much

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